My passion drives my ambition as a designer and photographer. This ambition has taken me from working in a small town in Illinois to working at a top university in Los Angeles, all the way to the UK where I completed my master's degree in branding design.


Now, I am back in the Midwest, US, where I not only continue to work in higher education, but I also freelance as a branding director and advise on brand creation and development. I have made it my mission to help business who are passionate, empathetic, and who truly care about making a difference. ​

AIGA member since 2013.


Aside from taking time to keep up with design trends and technology, any additional time I have is spent cooking, playing board games, watching movies, and playing the piano or tennis.

One thing I love just as much as design and photography is traveling internationally. Getting to experience new countries and cultures has been just as valuable in terms of learning and growing as anything else in my life. I have visited over ten different countries and plan to visit many more.